A Bristol based campaign for better men's mental health awareness. We're creating a space for men to talk about the things which matter to them by sharing advice, support and experiences on mental health and emotional well being.

We've teamed up with Bristol-based independent radio station Noods Radio to bring you an hour-long show featuring breezy songs and relaxed discussions about the things which matter to you. 
Understandably, some subjects discussed in our podcasts may cause distress. Mental health can be a sensitive topic. Please do not hesitate to visit our Support Page and remember to put your well being first.

Well Being In The Music Industry | Nov 2017

Joined by some of Bristol's finest music industry representatives. Discussing ways we can all take care of ourselves and dance till the sun rises.  

The Challenges Our Young Men Are Facing w/  John McGuirk | April 2019  

With over tens years of experience working with young people, John shares his views on why young men are facing so many challenges in their everyday lives and how we can all make a change.

Opening Up About Bereavement | Jan 2019


This is a relaxed chat about loss and bereavement. We're joined by author Mark Lemon and Off The Record's Maya Kalaria to discuss how we can open up the topic.  

Gender Roles | Oct 2018


Joined by documentary filmmaker Ben Akers and creator of Kings Grooming, Blue O'Connor. We discuss the impact some gender roles can have on our well being. 

Identity | Sept 2018


Joined by spoken word poet, Shaun Clarke and MenTalk Cory Stewart, we discuss the impact duo culture can have on your identity and emotional well being. Featuring poems performed by Shaun.

Support | March 2018

Joined by Campaigner Hannah-Jayne Smith and creator of MenTalk, Cory Stewart. We discuss ways we can all support our loved ones.

Young men, gangs and why it's so appealing | June 2019


Discussing why being in a gang is an appealing alternative for many young men. What we can do to prevent violence and help our young men stay away from trouble.